Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Savasana (corpse pose) 

Did you know that relaxation does not mean sleep . Relaxation means to be blissfully happy . It has no end . I call bliss,  absolute relaxation . Sleep is a different matter . Sleep only gives the mind a sense of relaxation . Bliss relaxes the soul , the inner self .
Relaxation is a learnt skill , an art . As a Yoga teacher I like to finish all my classes with time to practice this art . I see the positive effects this time has on students . I also see how challenging it can be for some students to really allow themselves to have this time at the end of the class , time  being still .
 I am greatly motivated to find the individual key for  those challenged students . Sometimes it is as simple as working them so hard in class they just surrender to stillness. Others it takes more  time to observe them , to investigate what it is preventing them .
Teaching Relaxation at the end of my yoga classes is such an amazing thing to pass on to people who live such busy, demanding lives  .  I hope Students who come to Paddington Yoga & You classes,  or those students that i go to their homes and teach one on one private classes to will forever utilize the skills of relaxation that have been handed down to me from my yoga teachers .

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple Cross- legs . February 2014 focus.

 Sitting in Simple Cross- legs . This asana is called Svasikasana  

  1.  Sit on the floor , bend the right knee & place the right foot under the left thigh . Now bend the left knee & bring the left foot under the right thigh .
  2. This is simple cross- legs position when the shin bones cross over in line with the centre of the body and each foot is placed under the opposite thigh .
  3. Now sit upright  , lift your chest , head straight  .
  4. Be sure to evenly work the body . Uncross your legs and place the opposite shin bone in place now . Repeat your attention to your spine , your chest & head .  Always alternating chins to work evenness in your body . 
This yoga posture was practiced in class each Saturday for the month of February 2014 at Yoga and You Paddington .
May I suggest getting go the couch as often as possible and continue your work with this pose and your body .

Note :  Excellent for beginers , but not good for any persons who has problems with knees  .      
Tip    :  Sit the buttocks on a blankets if your hips are tight.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hot and humid weather meant this mornings yoga class couldn't be fast or heating . Coming to classes at Yoga & You means your body will be supported to cruise through the rest of your Saturday,  hopefully through your weekend . But .. as instructed in todays class a little homework is required  to keep the benefits of class lasting .  To achieve this during the coming week while watching t.v i need you to get off the couch onto the floor and repeat those 3 varations we did in the beginning of class today . If time poor , squeeze in just the simple cross leg .
Next post ill run you through the basics of the posture to remind you of the dinner points . The posture is actually called Svastikasana , simple cross legs .